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Dating App Disasters

A comedy podcast about the trials and tribulations of modern dating.

Ep.105 “You Can’t Take the Stripes Off a Tiger” with James Mattern

In between Phil and our guest making fun of Rachel’s new hair we discuss James’ gambling theory on “chasing the loss” and whether pillow talk is the determining factor on a one night stand going any further. And is catcalling only cool with republicans…?

Ep.113 “That Egg Wants Salt” with Irene Morales

This week we have lots to discuss with our guest Irene such as Beyoncé’s new plastic surgery and that we all have a type we just don’t wanna admit it. And what’s your next move when your date confides in you that he’s becoming a wizard…? 

Ep.109 “Not in My League Man” with John Campanelli

This week John joins us to discuss how wildly different dating is in NY vs. LA and if dating celebrities will affect future relationships with regular folk. And is it ever a good idea to have your friend have your kid…?

Ep.77 “You’re Not Racist Enough” with Tushar Singh

We become works of art this week thanks to our guest Tushar. We also learn why he’s the “Karen” of dating apps and why do parents assume you’re gay if you don’t bring dates around…? 

Ep.69 “You Gotta Show Sumthin to be Sumthin with Ace Reyes

This week we have the female Phil miss Ace Reyes and we discuss toxic relationships, cosplay and learn about Phil’s $40 proposition…

Ep.93 “I’m Against Myself” with Nataly Aukar

Nataly’s back this week to discuss what equality means these days and how we want it-or not? We also try to help her out with her pickup lines and why do people feel the need to critique comedians when they get off stage…? 

Ep.85 “I’m Worth Blowing Your Career For” with Luisa Lange

Our guest this week made a checklist of all the insane things her dates have done to her-and it’s a long list! Phil also catches us up on his newly single antics and why he and Luisa hide their profession on their profiles.

Ep.158 “TMJ” with Katie Hannigan

Our guest this week-the very funny Katie Hannigan was on the apps before they were even a thing. She is also proof that comics can have successful relationships with each other and that the key to a long lasting one is just to be…silly!

Ep.157 “Two Stars the Peach was Rotten” with Colin Hodge

We have creator of the Down app Colin Hodge joining us this week to show us all the benefits of the app and how it eliminates most of the confusion that comes with dating online. We also touch on the future of AI in dating and can/will people start falling in love with machines…?

Ep.160 “Sophisticated Street Meat” with Simeon Goodson

We have the ridiculously hilarious Simeon Goodson joining us this week to share what doing comedy in Dubai is like and attempting to date after being out of the country for so long. We also discuss cultural differences of dating and would/have you ever had an entanglement with a friends ex…? 

Ep.159 “The Painting Don’t Lie” with Holly Salerno

We have the incredibly talented artist and dating app afficianado Holly Salerno with us this week to determine if “liking” sexy pics is the gateway to cheating? She also shares her brave story of turning her brain tumor into art and what do you do if your most recent match shows up at your job…? 

Ep.161 “Happiness is a F*Ing Choice” with Rafi Bastos

We have the incredibly funny and wise Rafi Bastos with us this week to let us know that pain is a choice and that controlling your emotions is easier than one would think. We also discuss throwing around the word love like it’s water and is it possible to stay friends with an ex while in a new relationship…? 

Ep.162 “It’s the Mindler Swindler” with Sabeen Sadiq

We’re back this week with the funny and gorgeous Sabeen Sadiq and she lets us know how she hoped of having an arranged marriage but that wasn’t in the cards. We also discuss how much music influences dating trends and what do you do if you find out the guy you’re dating is a cult leader…?!

Ep.163 “What’s a Boyfriend?” with Nina Kharoufeh

This week we have undefeated amateur boxer, comedian and dating coach Nina Kharoufeh on to let us know until you have a ring on your finger-you’re single! We also get into the misconceptions about arranged marriage, why compatibility is more important than love and are gender roles still a thing…? 

Ep.101 “Picky or Petty” with Rell Battle

This week we have the sitcom king Rell Battle on talk about what dating is like as a twin, how he’s never had a bad date and that Pete Davidson is every dudes new dating guru…

Ep.156 “So This is a Dating Podcast?” with Alex Gorge

Our guest Alex joins us because he needs to be on the Catfish but has no idea what the show even is?! We also talk about the trend of men not feeling like they can say no to weird things in the bedroom and what do you do if midway through a first date you realize your date may be homeless…? 

Ep.97 “I Slept Through My Manhood” with Wilfred Padua

This week we analyze our guest Wilfred’s profile so he can hopefully have some better luck? We also get into racial bias on the apps and getting   circumcised as your gateway to manhood at…13! 

Ep.155 “Whose Teeth are You Wearing” with Eva Evans

The fabulous and funny Eva Evans joins us this week to chat about what age we start getting vocal about what you don’t like during sex. We also dive into sugar daddies, situationships and do sheltered kids make crazy adults…? 

Ep.89 “Dr. Phil’s On the Way” with Amy Shanker

The Shanker has returned to help Rachel bust Phil’s chops! We also get to the bottom of one of our listeners dating issues and are hot people really bad in bed…?

Ep.154 “A Light Hundy” with Mike Cannon

Mike Cannon stops by this week to discuss marriage and fatherhood and why he thinks not being a dad is a waste of your silliness. Phil also has a major announcement and can a mushroom trip make you wanna get married…? 

Ep.81 “We’re Not Doing This Again are We” with Dave Temple

Our guest Dave tries to set Phil straight about his murse/tactical bag this week. He also gets into why he’s terrified of the apps and when did it become gay to wash your butt…?

Ep.153 “Boycott the D” with Leclerc Andre

We have the wise and hilarious Leclerc Andre with us this week to drop gems about why the partner you choose is your biggest financial decision. He also lets us know why men think of turning down sex like turning down money and would you let your partner Kanye (style) you…? 

Ep.73 “I’m a Firm NY 7” with KC Aurora

We begin this week with the great debate of letting your dog kiss you in the mouth. After that, Phil and KC really “try” to come for Rachel and what do you say when you see a friends ugly baby…?

Ep.152 “We Draw the Line at Treason” with Chris Metcalfe

Chris Metcalfe joins us this week to share two of the wildest stories we’ve heard in a long time! We also wonder if there’s a senior citizen market on tinder and what do you do if you find out your date stormed the capitol…?

Ep.164 “Cause Cam’ron Says So” with Matt Pavich

We have the very funny comedian/actor Matt Pavich with us this week to chat about what dating is like with bipolar disorder. Phil also schools us why men are threatened by other men in an open relationship but not women and what do you do if the person you start dating tells you they blocked you from Raya…? 

Ep.151 “Get in Line B*tch!” With Molly Kornfeld

Molly joins us this week to breakdown the science of why women get more attached after sex. We also determine that pets come first over any date or partner and what borough of NYC has the worst B.O…?

Ep.111 “Let’s Just Never Do This Again” with Tanael Joachim

We have the Oprah of comedy on this week to tell us the story of how he got reverse catfished and can cheating on your partner actually make you appreciate them more…?

Ep.150 “Your Secret is Safe with Me” with Alex Babbit

We have the young but wise Alex Babbit on this week to share all the keys to making a relationship work-communication, compromise, and a sickly partner…?!

Ep.107 “Medium D**K Soldier Please” with Corinne Fisher

We have podcast queen Corinne Fisher on this week to discuss her masculine wants, “fun” times on Raya and her hatred of anything wholesome…

Ep.149 “I Top on Tuesdays” with Akeem Woods

We have the fearlessly hilarious Akeem Woods with us this week to talk about the best way to let someone down easy, which airlines make it possible to join the mile high club and what do you do if your date/hook up pulls up to meet you in a U haul…? 

Ep.103 “Have I Had Sex Before?” With Katie Morrissey

Katie Morrissey stops by this week and we have a fun chat about how many styles of vaginas there are. We also realize what was considered romantic back in the day would be terrifying now and will Phil ever make it on Raya…? 

Ep.148 “What’s Your Starbucks Name?” with Amanda Gail

We have the wonderfully honest Amanda Gail on this week to discuss settling, why men need to like women more in relationships and what to do if you forget your dates name…

Ep.99 “Fighting Bears with Switches” with Mike Brown

Our guest Mike’s dating app history didn’t start as a disaster but it ended as one! We also joke that NYers won’t ever travel to another borough for a date and are separate households the future of marriage…? 

Ep.147 “I Love That B*tch” with Tom Cassidy

We had some fun asking our guest Tom some uncomfy questions this week like how often he cries, if he’d give his wife a hall pass and and the stereotypes about the opposite sex that are actually true?

Ep.95 “It’s the Devil You Know”

This week we have fun reading your stories and questions! We also get to the bottom of why bots are watching your Instagram stories and when is the right time to throw in the towel in a relationship…?  

Ep.146 “When Do I Graduate?” with Kaneez Surka

Our guest kaneez comes by this week to school us on arranged marriage and how she realized the day the day after she got married she wanted a divorce! We also discuss if long distance relationships are ever sustainable and does a man really need to like the woman more for it to work…? 

Ep.91 “Name the MF Names” with Maddy Smith

This week Phil gets our guest Maddy high so as we go on this rollercoaster of an episode we talk about matching with people we know just to be funny and do people still take getting ghosted personally…? 

Ep.145 “Lucky Balls” with Jiaoying Summers

We have the inspiring and hilarious Jiaoying Summers on this week to have a deep convo about colorism.  She also lets us know after all she’s been through she still has hope for love and why don’t men like funny women…? 

Ep.87 “Masturbating Aliens” with Harrison Greenbaum

There are aliens amongst us this week on Dating App Disasters but besides all that we have yet another tinder success story and we heard the greatest app proposal story EVER! 

Ep.144 “You Don’t Deserve a Laugh Today” with Jason Salmon

This week our guest Jason and Rachel educate Phil on wet markets and where Covid originated. We also expose some childhood trauma and why you should just go ahead and get into a relationship with your bestie! 

Ep.83 “Plight of the Eskimo Bros” with Derek Gaines

Our guest Derek has some Crrrazzy stories but has now found the one girl that doesn’t annoy him. He also lets us know why you shouldn’t waste time on face time and that being humble ain’t the way to go! 

Ep.143 “They Call Me Pauly Pen Pals” with ???

Our guest this week is choosing to remain anonymous because he doesn’t want to expose his online catfishing. We delve into why he does this and also why you shouldn’t use Cashapp! We also discuss if it’s possible to salvage a relationship if a partner gives you an STD and do all women have daddy issues…?

Ep.79 “Crazy knows Crazy” with Chanel Omari

This week we have the princess of Long Island on to discuss the mind fuck following being on reality tv. We also discuss how our male friends steer us in the wrong direction when giving relationship advice and coffee never leads to stoking…

Ep.142 “Dagnabit!” With Graham Kay

We’re back this week with the very funny and self-height shamer Graham Kay. We chat about short people privilege, why he doesn’t take his own dating advice and can you pinpoint where your future mate might be…? 

Ep.75 “Barmitzvah Money Problems” with Jared Schwartz

We have fun with stereotypes this week and learn that our guest Jared is 9 months clean off the apps because his potential date sent him on a scavenger hunt to nowhere…

Ep.141 “She Went Back to Her Nugget” with Julio Diaz

This week the hilarious Julio Diaz drops in to talk about why women are so drawn to married men, how he gained his confidence and should we have relationship courses in school or do we need to make mistakes first in order to learn…?

Ep.71 “Dickless in Seattle” with Richie Redding

This week the guys give their stories of their first big “O”. We also discuss the pregnant man emoji and what are the odds you end up with your very first match on tinder…?

Ep.140 “Soooo Cringe”

This week Phil and Rachel have a one on one to chat about Valentine’s Day, the word slut and the double standards of male sexual harassment. And is there such a thing as respectful racism…? 

Ep.67 “There is a Price Tag on This” with Ashima Franklin

We get all the behind the scenes deets on dating shows this week with our guest Ashima. We also get to hear great stories of her time on tour with Katt Williams and how she regrets not going through her ex’s phone…

Ep.139 “Soup is Sexy” with Juan Nicolon

We have another hinge success story this week with comedian and soup conoisseur Juan Nicolon. We also discover Phil’s one deal breaker-cats and would you spend $100 on an Uber to meet a first date…? 

Ep.114 “I Got Fatfished” with Kareem Green

Kareem is here this week to chat with us about old school values and why he doesn’t do well on the apps. We’re also split on if and how a woman should propose and what if you introduce your girl to therapy and the therapist tells her to leave you…? 

Ep.138 “The Poor Love Me” with Dulce Sloan

Cancer energy takes over with Dulce Sloan as our guest this week. We have fun discussing two words that can be both compliments and offensive-Bitch and Ma’am. And is there a difference between breadwinners and head of household…? 

“Ep.112 “Tough on Kids, Not on Crime” with Chris Scopo

Our very first guest returns this week with a hinge success story! We also realize how un-self aware we are and do men feel the same pressure as women to get into relationships if all their friends are In one…?

Ep.137 “I Was Her Go-To Off Digit” with Josh Johnson

Our guest Josh has FINALLY found the solution to stopping unsolicited d*ck pics! We also discuss male post sex clarity and why do men hate cats so much…! 

Ep.110 “I’ma Pray For You” with Glorelys Mora

This week we delve into a topic barely addressed-how men and boys deal with the repurcussians of sexual assault. We also have fun going through our guest Glorelys’ tinder matches and according to Phil, jail ain’t that bad…? 

Ep.136 “These are Solid Business Decisions” with Andre T Mitchell

Incest is on the menu this week(JK) but we wonder why it’s encouraged in some countries but frowned upon here? Our guest Andre also shares why men are better friend zoners and have Rom Coms screwed up women’s minds about relationships…? 

Ep.108 “Howl D**k To the Moon” with Jourdain Fisher

This week our guest Jourdain is here to let us know why you should kiss at the beginning of the date. Phil also never ceases to amaze us with his sexcapades and is it a dealbreaker if your date forgets your name…?

Ep.135 “Everybody Can’t Be a Princess” with Nathan Macintosh

The Canadian Caucasian stops by this week to tell us to grow up and make Phil second guess his love for MMA. We also talk about how porn is melting our brains and what do you do if your date pulls out a personality test and you fail…? 

Ep.106 “B*****S and Shlongs” with Mike Britt

Well, we take it back-apparently happy healthy marriages do exist?! In between getting gems from our hilarious guest Mike we learn some tips to get someone out after sexy time and is it possible to have morals when you’re in survival mode…? 

Ep.134 “I Was a Feral Cat” with Rachel Williams

Our guest this week might be named Rachel-but she’s more of a Phil! She also schools us in how to get through and stay happy in a twelve year marriage and what do you do if/when you catch your partner masturbating…?

Ep.104 “Jeepers Creepers” with Ally Leftridge

This weeks episode is a cautionary tale of the apps. This week we discuss the controversial Roe v. Wade in our “own” special way and Ally shares her story of when dating apps can go horribly wrong…

Ep.133 “You’re Too Ambitious for Me” with Daphnique Springs

We have the talented and hilarious Daphnique Springs joining us this week to talk about sending fake nudes and how she hated Phil when they first met. And what do you do when you find out your guest on your podcast is the catfish…?

Ep.102 “Fire Fire Gentrifier” with Gianmarco Soresi

On this weeks episode we have Gianmarco Soresi on to explain his theory on smell compatibility. We also discuss if std’s are a complete deal breaker and NEVER tell your Uber driver you’re a comedian…

Ep.132 “Straight Outta Sudan” with Alloramomo

We have sketch king Alloramo on this week to talk about dating in Africa vs America and why he thinks bumble is dog-ish. And what do you do if if your date turns out to be a mute…? 

Ep.100 “I’m Perfect Now” with Tracey Carnazzo

This week the Queen of Queens joins us to discuss how men don’t take her job seriously, not wanting kids and we had to throw in our two cents on the Oscars debacle…

Ep.131 “Cancel Me Bitch” with Elle Orlando

This week we have the funny and beautyful Elle Orlando on to discuss why men are threatened by female comics and her dates failed attempt at swag. And would you give it up for the possibility of meeting a kardashian…?

Ep.98 “I Don’t Even Know if I Should Be Here” with Chuck Nice

Marriage is on/not on the menu this week with our very wise guest Chuck Nice. We also discuss creating your own lane and that love at first sight might really still exist…? 

Ep.130 “I Had Such a Thing for the Rats” with Andy Fiori.

Well we found the one man on the planet who’s never cheated on this week and also tried to dispell the myth that cheating helps relationships! We also speak about grand gestures and learn why Phil faked a seizure for a date… P.S. apologies for the audio this week 

Ep.96 “I Do Stand Up-You Can’t” with Stewart Fullerton

This episode we discuss how we’d NEVER get swindled by the Tinder Swindler and that blind dates need to come back in style. And what would you do if your date showed up in a wheelchair…?

Ep.129 “Unhinged on Hinge” with Ontonio Kareem

After Phil messes up our guest Ontonio’s name (like clockwork) he tells us the secret about why women really don’t like nice guys. We also discuss how labels are slowly fading away and does cheating help relationships…? 

Ep.94 “I’m F-Ing Prince Charming Out Here” with Pranav Behari

This week we ponder many of life’s unanswered questions with our guest Pranav. The first being if ghosting is the most humane way to end a situanship? Also if there’s a genetic predisposition to kink and what would you do if someone mispronounces your name during sex…?

Ep.128 “A Few Fries Short” with Jessica Levin

This weeks episode is our wildest yet-and that’s saying a lot. Jessica comes by so we can try to coach her how to navigate the apps and find her feminine side. She also lets us know that she wants to be a part time GF and should we really be hooking up with our friends more…?

Ep.92 “How F’N Dare You” with Adam Gulley

We have repeat offender Adam back on this week to talk about how college is a scam. We also wonder if slut shaming will ever actually go away and what’s the grossest thing you’ve ever shared with your partner in a relationship…? 

Ep.127 “Heels to Jesus” with Zack Watson

We have jack of all trades Zack Watson on this week and he’s the first guest to bring us gifts so he’s now officially our fav! Phil and Zack also give tips to women on how to DM dudes and what to do when a past hookup shows up on your first day of your new clown job…? 

Ep.90 “Machine Elves” with Sean Donnelly

We’re back in the new year with a success story! We also had some fun making up our own versions of the apps and Phil wants to start catfishing-but not with his profile…

Ep.126 “You’re the Phil I Wanna Be” with Phil Hunt

Our guest this week might be considered an internet troll but lets us know why he isn’t and that he hates the word. We also discuss ways to get consent without ruining the mood and wait…Men like cellulite?!

Ep.88 “No DillyDallying” with Dylan Palladino

The dudes open up and get vulnerable this week and Rachel’s there for moral support-or at least she tries? We discuss hair loss, sexual issues and are condoms really THAT terrible…?

Ep.125 “I Was a Wreck” with Laura Caruso

Relationship therapist and coach Laura Caruso comes by and does her best to try and fix us in the 45 minutes allotted. She explains how to start to get past trauma from past relationships and identifying your attachment style. And can a previous ghost actually turn into a happy relationship…? 

Ep.86 “Throat Goat” with Riley Lassin

Our guest this week Riley’s sex life is literally a horror movie! We also learn that Phil actually gives good relationship advice and should it be illegal to cheat if your poor…? 

Ep.124 “Prezactly” with Madison Malloy

Madison Malloy stops by to show us how to lighten the F Up! She also tells the story of going from Wall st to stand up to author and does Phil (allegedly) have nudes on Google…?

Ep.84 “Omg, These Rapists are so Religious” with Nema Katt

Our guest this week makes Phil stutter and has so much game she gets gifts from homeless men. Nema also explains what it means to be treated well and why personality isn’t a priority…

Ep.123 “Svetlana is Mine” with Jill Gonzalez

We have news personality/comedienne Jill Gonzalez on this week to discuss power dynamics and what it’s like to be a Fin Dom. We also get into the psychology of foot fetishes and Jill may be the first person we’ve heard that likes getting waxed a little too much…

Ep.82 “I Don’t Translate Well to Paper” with Max Carney

We attempt to play matchmaker this week for our guest Max. Then we have an eye opening discussion about male insecurities and body image. And are there really dudes out there that don’t believe in hook ups…?

Ep.122 “Can-Not-Com-Pute” with Krystina Hutchinson

Self-Sabotage was a big topic of discussion this week and the amazing Krystina Hutchinson returns to not only counsel Phil on his porn addiction but also speak on how monogamy is forced upon us. And should we really blame EVERYTHING on mercury being in retrograde…? 

Ep.80 “Naked to Blue” with Usama Siddiquee

So we have one of our favorite guests Usama back on this week even though he came to blow up spots and make fun of our clothes. In the midst of that we reminisce on first porn experiences and how Usama had to earn his keep as a kid…(nothing too porn related)

Ep.121 “Go Get Ernie” with Carmen Lagala

We say au revoir to summer this week with our first and last outdoor episode.   We discuss if long distance relationships can go the distance and hilarious stories of first self-pleasure. Carmen also lets us know the proper way to slide into a DM…

Ep.78 “It’s Not for Us to Know” with Olga Namer

Our Rabbi Olga stops by to test our Judaism knowledge and we failed miserably. We also get into conflicts between career and religion and is religious profiling on the apps now a thing…?

Ep.120 “I Have the Proper Tools” with Ashley Heinke

Ashley returns fresh off of burning man to answer all our questions and concerns. She also lets us know how the apps are finding new ways to charge $ and is the mile high club really a real thing…? 

Ep.76 “Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom” with Jocelyn Chia

We bare our social media grievances this week and our guest Jocelyn and Phil realize they both found comedy by mistake? And is not having social media at this point a red flag…?

Ep.119 “Sometimes the Signs Just Don’t Align” with Phileo Huff

The O.G. Tinder Swindler stops by to clear up all his melodrama! He also lets us know why dating apps are waaayy bigger in the U.K and he proves people can change and evolve…

Ep.74 “Hate is a Good Word” with Reg Thomas

We hear one of the craziest stalker disasters thus far this week! We also try to determine if you can become a successful comic without struggling and do men REALLY know when they don’t do their best in bed…?

Ep.118 “Making Romance” with Maggie Bellamy

Well…we figured out how monkeypox came about this week and that we’re happy being alone-no matter what Phil says! And what do you do when you’re date starts singing after sexy time…? 

Ep.72 “Stop-I’ma Normal” with Chloe Labranche

Hell must’ve frozen over because Phil and Rachel share a brain this week. We also get into covid relationships and what does one do when you’re date shows up with two modes of transportation…?

Ep.117 “Why Don’t You F$@&?” With Maximilian Spinelli

This week Phil finally approves of Rachel’s hair and Maximilian Spinelli drops by to give us all the reasons not to date your coworkers. We also help a listener figure out if you should mention your pandemic drought and what do you do if your date pulls out tarot cards and lets you know you’re the devil…?

Ep.70 “Mongo’s Straight” with Mario Cantone

The Legendary Mario Cantone comes to Space Mountain this week to chat with us about the keys to long term relationships, career jealousy and The new Sex and the City!!!

Ep.116 “Jesus Drank With His Friends” with Ashley Austin Morris

Ashley Austin Morris stops by this week to pray with Phil and try to open Rachel’s mind to religion. We also discuss the complications of celibacy and can a relationship sustain if only one person is generous financially…? 

Ep.68 “Hashtag Chlamydia” with Zach McGovern

It felt like a good therapy session this week-well maybe a lil bootleg therapy.  Phil and our guest Zach come to find out they’re eskimo bros and does anyone wear condoms anymore…? 

Ep.115 “They Took My Sleeve” with Andre D. Thompson

Our guest Andre stops by this week to give us some deets on writing for Charlemagne’s new revamped show Hell of a Week. He also lets us know why he thinks hoe phases aren’t productive and should we just get rid of filters altogether…? 

Ep.66 “Never Judge a Book” with Ryo Hayashi

This week our guest Ryo is our first dating app customer/shareholder and Rachel tries to understand from the guys why you can’t be both a Dom and a Sub…? 

Ep.165 “I Did a Binge Hinge” with Ontonio Kareem

—-more—-Troubles Back this week with Ontonio Kareem and we’re talking all about the things women don’t want to hear but need to! We also get into whether you should consult your partner if you’re making a major change to your appearance, learning how to deal with rejection and do you expect a text after a one night stand…?